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From Hip-Hop to Salsa: Battling Obesity Grassroots Style

When UCLA public health researchers went looking for ways to increase physical activity in some of the nation’s inner-city, minority neighborhoods, they only had to look inside those neighborhoods to find answers: Younger African-American people liked to dance to hip-hop. In … Continue reading

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Talking with Jeffrey Levi of the Trust for America’s Health (Interview)

Philadelphia Inquirer “The Public’s Health”, Janet Golden, 11/15/2012 As the most recent “F as in Fat,” released in September 2012 explained “The number of obese adults, along with related disease rates and health care costs, are on course to increase dramatically in … Continue reading

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Report: States’ Loopholes Detracting From Effectiveness of Phys. Ed.

Education Week “Schooled in Sports”, Bryan Toporek, 11/13/2012 Of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, 38 states require schools to provide students with physical education in elementary, middle/junior high, and high school, according to a report released Tuesday by the … Continue reading

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U.S. Diabetes Rates Soaring: CDC

HealthDay, Steven Reinberg, 11/15/2012 A stunning new federal report reveals just how bad the obesity-linked type 2 diabetes epidemic in the United States has become, with rates of the often-preventable disease hitting record highs. Some of the statistics are staggering: While in … Continue reading

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New Partnership Aims to Curb Childhood Obesity by 2015

Education Week, Bryan Toporek, 11/16/2012 A new collaborative effort announced Thursday between the American Heart Association (AHA) and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) aims to turn around the nation’s childhood-obesity epidemic within the next three years. Together, the two organizations will … Continue reading

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The Last Course: What Will It Take to Make The World Less Round? (Editorial)

The Economist, 12/15/2012 The unfortunate truth is that no single policy will bring down obesity rates on its own. Societies got fat for a variety of reasons, and individuals, companies and governments must come to grips with all of them to … Continue reading

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In-Shape Students Outscore Obese Peers Academically, Study Finds

Education Week, Bryan Toporek, 12/07/2012 Middle school students in prime physical shape outperform their overweight and obese peers both on tests and grades, according to new research from Michigan State University. Read Full Article  

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Salty Diets Lead to Obesity

WebMD Health News, Rita Rubin, 12/10/2012 Limiting children’s salt intake could be one way to reduce childhood obesity, new research suggests. The study of more than 4,200 Australian children 2 to 16 years old found that those who ate more salt also … Continue reading

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